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Who is this ide-


What's an Ink, you ask?
"Ink is a liquid or paste that contains pigments or dyes and is used to color a surface to produce an image, text, or design." - Wikipedia
.. oh yeah and it's also my name or something, though I usually go by Inkeh. Nice to meet you! ;u;

I'm a fourth-year Biology major and Psychology minor at university, casually passionate about vertebrate biology, genetics, physiology, and many fields of social psychology! c:

I often sacrifice my sleeping hours to pursue super important interests such as drawing, playing video games, writing and developing characters and plots, baking things, and appreciating animated movies. ♥

Xenoblade Chronicles, Zelda, Skyrim, Metroid, and Okami are my biggest loves, just to name a few!

I love meeting new people on dA and my goal is to meet as many of my watchers as I can. ;u;
And as always, please feel free to shoot a message or note my way if you'd like! c:

Thank you all so much for the support! ♥

― Find me at ―

Hey lookit me drawing!

:star: COMMISSIONS | Open!

1. ErisAnima - coloured sketch - not paid
2. ErisAnima - shaded large chibi - not paid

:star: ART TRADES | Open to friends!

1. Sakkali - Sakki & Lyreia ― linearting
2. shootitout - Jep or Aiden ― not started

Livestreams currently on hold!

Check here for links to streams + info!

Precious children of the Sky

Things I can't wait for-

Waiting on art from:

- Drevyn - outfit design - shootitout - PAID

[yzma voice] to the secret lab!!

Journal Entry: Fri May 15, 2015, 1:44 AM

( I lied, I'm actually already back from the secret lab haha )

But first, a quick shoutout for my bby shootitout who is looking for a design trade!
"Looking for:
- something faceless
- can be headless or have like a flat robotic-like face
- monstery-human/anthro
- nsfw possibilities but u dont have to actually draw that if u dont want
- dark colors preferred or dark w light markings or something"
Morgan has done some hella designs in the past, including:
Like A Monster by shootitout  0 (2) - Shootitout by Araktugage  Maybe I've Got It Figured Out by shootitout
They're also responsible for two of my favourite losers' base designs:
Heheheheh by Inkshadow Ceylen - Temporary Ref by Inkshadow
They can do anthros, humans, or quads ( I think maybe also robotic things ?? ) so you've pretty much got all your bases covered LOL.
Anyway, their journal is here if you're interested!

Thanks for reading! :heart:

So, back to the secret lab..

I made it through my first week of my summer lab course !!
Which is why I have been completely absent everywhere this week haha.
I think I've gotten around 12-14 hours of sleep in the past three days and I'm completely exhausted. |D;

But it's been a good experience so far! Labs are usually one of my least favourite things because I often find them time-consuming and stressful to the point where I dread them, but this one has had a really supportive and relaxed learning environment that I'm really glad for!

It has been pretty busy though. Class runs every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, so although I get a nice four-day-long weekend every week, I am suuuper pressed for time during those three days! This week was completely horrid, time-wise, because I wasn't able to prep everything early- as a result, I ended up getting home and finishing dinner around 7:30pm, and then staying up until 3:30am working on homework, waking up at 8:30am to work on that day's prelab, and then leaving home again to go to said lab immediately afterward LOL.

Things should be better next week though since I plan on resting tomorrow ( and doing data analysis !! ) and then doing all of next week's prelabs on Saturday and Sunday. Should be fine as long as I keep myself ahead! uvu

I'm really enjoying the class so far though! Last year I took a course on molecular genetics, and though I didn't do super well on it ( my prof has a thing for literally throwing 3+ different concepts into a single hell question, so the exams basically murdered me LMAO ), I really loved learning about the content. So this lab is super perfect because I actually get to do the techniques and things that I learned about in that course last summer! ;w;

Like we're working on plasmids right now, which are basically little circular DNA sequences that bacteria and stuff spread to other bacteria- they're how antibiotic immunity can suddenly become widespread. :0 We're working on taking a part of one of these sequences and throwing it into a different one, and seeing if we can turn a gene back on. uvu

And it's really cool cause first we gotta make sure that the plasmids we're using are actually the right ones ( because you never know when someone might mislabel something ), so we've been given one without being told what it is, and now we're just cutting them into pieces to figure out its identity. You throw the DNA into a gel that separates out the pieces by size, and each plasmid will have a different signature pattern of pieces so BAM- identity solved! : D

So yeah, I'm gonna be working on figuring out whether our gel actually worked out. Really hoping that we get good results so we won't have to redo the experiment! And I'm sorry for science nerd-ing out there heheh, if you couldn't tell I'm just super. excited.

I've never gotten to work a gel electrophoresis even though I've learned about and seen pictures / diagrams of them in previous courses so yeah I mean. What better than actually being able to use what you've learned over the years omg..

Honestly, sometimes even I forget that I'm studying science because it's really not my passion so I never really talk about it but !! Sometimes there are really good moments like this and I guess that's all I can ask for! =w=

[bill nye voice]  s c i e n c e   r u l e s

also I started doodling again on transit and I'm starting to fall back in love with drawing aaaa
Thank god I thought it was gone forever. ; A ;
Anyway hopefully there will be more to see soon! After I get my science stuff sorted out heheh

And, as always, thank you for your patience and understanding! :heart:

Somewhere far away..


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