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Who is this ide-


What's an Ink, you ask?
"Ink is a liquid or paste that contains pigments or dyes and is used to color a surface to produce an image, text, or design." - Wikipedia
.. oh yeah and it's also my name or something, though I usually go by Inkeh. Nice to meet you! ;u;

I'm a third-year university student majoring in Biology and probably minoring in Psychology, with no real idea of what I want to do. :I

I often sacrifice my sleeping hours to draw, write stories, bake things, play games, and otherwise attempt to retain my sanity in the meantime. :b

Assassin's Creed, Skyrim, Okami, Zelda, Free!, and the Pokemon anime are my biggest loves, just to name a few!

I love meeting new people on dA and my goal is to meet as many of my watchers as I can. ;u;
And as always, please feel free to shoot a message or note my way if you'd like! c:

Thank you all so much for the support! ♥

― Find me at ―

Hey lookit me drawing!

:star: COMMISSIONS | Open!

1. Araktugage - soft-shaded fullbody - PAID ― shading
2. SonyeonPanda - cel-shaded fullbody - PAID ― lining

:star: ART TRADES | Closed!

None at the moment!

Livestreams currently on hold!

Check here for links to streams + info!

Things I can't wait for-

Waiting on art from:

- Immortality - shaded fullbody - Plumbeck - PAID
- Avenge - flat colour fullbody - shootitout - PAID

Precious children of the Sky

A big nuke of sorts-

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 23, 2014, 1:48 AM
Okay, so I have been hoarding dA notifications for probably over a year now, in the hopes that I would ~one day~ have time to comment on things ( especially the things friends have drawn, aH ).
But I think I've reached the point where I realized this isn't going to happen anytime in the foreseeable future SO.
Excuse the fave spam as I speed through everything, and sorry about the lack of comments / socializing on my part! ;o;
Hopefully I'll be able to keep up ish once I get through everything old sitting around here haha. /blows dust off inbox/

I also owe a bunch of people really, super, unforgivably late comments. o-o
I have been all over the place lately with personal issues ( resolved over the summer though! ) and school and haven't been able to collect my thoughts for a proper comment in months ahh it's really embarrassing- ''orz
But I swear I haven't forgotten, and I will definitely get back to those. Hopefully by the end of this week. Right now I need to catch up on a ton of readings omg. |D

I also owe Amy her Loki!dragon which I have terribly been putting off because the sheer size of it intimidates me to no end. |D;
And the commission SonyeonPanda generously got so. Yess I haven't forgotten anything, and I'm really sorry for the wait. D:

I think half of my journals have been apologies for something or another oops, really though I'm sosososo embarrassed by how badly I've been keeping up with things here haha. o-o

In happier news, I have been super keener this year with my classes ( aside from readings, the bane of my existence :I ) and so far I've been really on top of things. uvu Finally enjoying my major and feeling like I'm actually doing something productive.

Now I just need to go have a chat with career advising and then I'll ( hopefully ) be set. It's nice having a sense of stability after so long. ;o;
It's also nice to finally have a normal bedtime at like midnight instead of 3am LOL. But anyway- |D

Hope you've all been well and thankyou always for bearing with me!
:heart: Inkeh

Make way for the bae-


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No problem! c':
Your art is fantastic, I can hardly believe. ;u;
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Eheheh you're welcome, Eris! ;v;
.. that's totally not what I'm doing right now.. |D
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