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Who is this ide-


What's an Ink, you ask?
"Ink is a liquid or paste that contains pigments or dyes and is used to color a surface to produce an image, text, or design." - Wikipedia
.. oh yeah and it's also my name or something, though I usually go by Inkeh. Nice to meet you! ;u;

I'm a third-year Biology major and Psychology minor at university, casually passionate about vertebrate biology, genetics, physiology, and many fields of social psychology! c:

I often sacrifice my sleeping hours to pursue super important interests such as drawing, playing video games, writing and developing characters and plots, baking things, and appreciating animated movies. ♥

Xenoblade Chronicles, Zelda, Skyrim, Assassin's Creed, Okami, and Free! are my biggest loves, just to name a few!

I love meeting new people on dA and my goal is to meet as many of my watchers as I can. ;u;
And as always, please feel free to shoot a message or note my way if you'd like! c:

Thank you all so much for the support! ♥

― Find me at ―

Hey lookit me drawing!

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Precious children of the Sky

Creeps this in here awkwardly + Xenoblade

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 9, 2014, 2:03 AM
Hey guys! :heart:

I have been absent for.. a very long time.. and have written far too many journals apologizing for sudden absences over the past year. So I thought maybe I should actually explain what's been keeping me from being active here.
I have rewritten this journal four times now because everytime it keeps becoming a monologue haha-

Short version of the previous three times I have written this:
    - I am having the most persistent, continuous art block of my life :I
    - I've been having trouble focusing on anything for extended periods of time ( incl. both drawing and studying )
    - I have been feeling extremely antisocial ( to the point where skype and texting are almost nonexistent from my life haha )

Basically, I have not been feeling and acting like myself, so I've been away doing other things. I still need the rest of the week to finish my finals, and I have a lot of holiday plans to spend time with friends, but after that hopefully I can start thinking about fixing whatever happened here. We'll see-

Meanwhile, I've been playing and enjoying a lot of video games, thankfully something that hasn't lost any of its passion for me haha. =w= I've actually been using the inspiration boosts from them to draw when I can, since it's the easiest prompt for me right now.
( actually, I think drawing people in general has been easier for me for some reason.. maybe I should just be doing that for a while haha ) :b

I got SSB4 when it came out and got attached to Shulk two days in after playing him eheheh, his playstyle suits mine really well and I'm more than happy to have another main now that Snake is gone. ; u ; ( thank you Nintendo, for sending me this angel ) :heart:

One thing lead to another and I ended up checking out Xenoblade, the game he's from and. It just arrived.. three days ago?
I am so glad that this has happened though because
    1 - the music in this game is beyond words I just- oh my godd
    2 -  the graphics are actually really, really nice for an old 2010 Wii game ( like really now, where are the texture seams b/c I cannot find them- )
    3 - the adorabu nerd that is Shulk uvu

But goddammit it all, I was not at all prepared for the feels that came with it? I literally thought I'd be like poking fun at the silly lines and character interactions, and I mean, I still do but. Literally /every/ cutscene is so real, the music does an incredible job of bringing out the emotion in one in particular ( goddamN IT METAL FACE ), and I am just. /SO/ attached to the characters, even though I've barely scratched the surface of this game.

And the interactions between the characters are super believable, especially with the heart-to-hearts when they sort of reveal more personal conversations and whatnot and I just really care about all of them. ; A ; Also, I started out being all, haha random British accents but THE PAIN IN THEIR VOICES THO like. It hurts me so much kjsdfkjdsf nO-

I can already tell that this game is going to be one of my all-time favourites and probably will destroy me more than anything else. :'D

So yeah- things happening, mostly video games literally pouring out of the sky, and honestly, feeling a lot better spending my time doing that than trying to force myself to draw when the creativity's not flowing. D:

I really am sorry about being away for so long, and I truly do wish I was around- But I don't want to try to force myself to be here if I'm not really feeling up to it, so I'll probably be away for a while longer. Thank you for your patience and understanding! ;o;

I hope you're all having a wonderful and safe holiday, and good luck with exams and projects if you have them! :heart:

Somewhere far away..


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shootitout Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2015
Why are you so good to me / sobs
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Shhhh, it's because ilu so much okay ; v ;
You are the greatest friend to walk the planet, do not even attempt to deny this- :heart:
shootitout Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2015
ErisAnima Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2014  Student General Artist
Merry christmas Ikeh! :3
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Merry Christmas to you too, Eris! ;v; Hope you have a great day!
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