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October 9, 2012
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Time to be a HERO! by Inkshadow Time to be a HERO! by Inkshadow
Made a sword over the weekend, as in three days. :'D

It turned out a lot better than I expected considering I had no idea what I was doing LOL. I haven't paper mache'd anything since.. the 3rd grade probably. I've only ever done it once oops.

I also had to design / figure out ways to make different 3D shapes, since the tutorials I glanced at were all actual cosplay materials and not paper. :b It was really challenging to try to fold and bend paper in different ways to make different shapes, but goshdarnitall I enjoyed the creative challenge! >: D

This beautiful piece of pixel art was my best friend in trying to figure out the shape of the sword, so thank you, ~turpinator77! ;O;

Seriously, this was so much fun! My only regret is that I had to rush the paper mache / painting in one day in order to make it to ~YukikoSama's birthday party ( because I made this sword for her!! ) and I know I could have done it better akjsdfdsajkfds;

Also, my other bestie Candy-sir made a beautiful Twilight Princess Link hat to match my sword. It was amazing. ;3;

    Cardboard, paper, shiztons of masking tape, glue, water, acrylic paint. May contain traces of Fi.

I'm planning on making another one for myself someday eventually. Gonna make some changes to the design so I can actually swing it around and bop people on the head haha.

Changes that I'm planning include:
    - wire frame for extra support so the blade doesn't flop where it meets the handle ; also so it can be swung around like an actual sword
    - gloss finish so it shines more like actual metal ; I didn't have time to do that this time
    - darker paint in the creases to simulate shading better ; I didn't make it dark enough this time
    - more careful details that weren't rushed in ten minutes
    - actually letting the paint / paper mache dry naturally instead of sped up with a hairdryer
    - smooth out the newspaper better so it doesn't make weird creases
    - a ton of other things that are on my phone LOL

Also thinking about making a whole collection of different swords because it's fun and I can't have real ones. :b I think I might try a glaive from Okami next, and possibly a solar flare but I haven't decided yet. And then they will all be going on my wall~ ;D

Also my face will FOREVER BE A MYSTERY since no one was home to take a picture for me so.. you get this awkward one that makes the sword look funny oops. ''orz

Next time I promise the pictures will be better quality! .. probably. |D;

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AkiCat Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012
Pro. o-o

If only we could have done crafts like this all the time back in high school. : (
Inkshadow Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
Why thank you, Aki-chan! I'm still learning but I appreciate it all the same. xD

And omggg I knoww. Looking back, I really wish that I figured out I could do 3D art when I had art class.. that probably would have impressed Mr. MacT more LOL. |D;
AlsoImissdoingrandomartandcraftsinhighschool. ;n;
AkiCat Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012
Ah, to carelessly do random arts and crafts again. x3
Inkshadow Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
We should just derp around with crafts over winter break or something. xD
AkiCat Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
That would be nice. x3
Inkshadow Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2012
Very! : D
DeviousFishbone Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
haha i wish i had one of those (:
Inkshadow Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012
You can always make one yourself! ;D
DeviousFishbone Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hehe (: i may try one day!
fursonaloverXD Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
omg Ink, thats so cool XD
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